Prague round table through the eyes of Jan-Mikael Fredriksson

We were delighted to receive an invitation to introduce the Finnish autism spectrum webzine Puoltaja in a conference "Supported empoloyment  in the Czech Republic and abroad", held in Praha in May 14.-15..


Blue Aero – a successful project event

The all-day event full of workshops with international participation in the project TWCM is behind us. In the Aero cinema, all-day workshops were held both in the foyer and in the main hall. We were delighted with a great interest in the individual blocks coming from the public and the partner NGOs from the Czech Republic and abroad (Hungary, Poland, Germany, Slovakia). A vital role was played by adults with autism – they carried out the task of organization, production and the role of performers just perfectly.

A thematic network recommendation in the sphere of public education on the employment of disadvantaged people in the labor market was sent to Ministry of labour and social affairs

At the end of 2014, the non-profit sector representatives met up to formulate recommendations for the civil service under the auspices of the TWCM project in order to raise public awareness about the employment of disadvantaged people in the labor market. The result of the team's work is a letter addressed to the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mrs. Michaela Marksová, which contained a specific recommendation on what a public awareness campaign funded by public sources should include in order to improve the position of the disadvantaged people in the labor market.


Sometimes less is more. And as far as public awareness goes, this is 100% true


“A debate with people with ASDs → cool!” “I liked it.” “Interesting, inspiring.” “Mr Fr. Mareš’s lecture was phenomenal. To the point, pacey and thrilling. I think we could have stood listening far longer than we did.”

Those are some of the reactions to the meeting at a round table that we held on 8 October 2014 in the Langhans Gallery in the People in Need Centre. The topic was public awareness as an effective instrument for increasing the employment rate of people with health disabilities. And no matter what topic we were dealing with, we were constantly running into the issue of the necessity of choosing substantial information and communicating it to others.



Report on an internationally attended round table for people with Asperger syndrome

On the day of 16 November 2012, APLA Praha, o.s. held, as a part of the international project TOGETHER WE CAN MANAGE / SPOLEČNĚ TO ZVLÁDNEME (TWCM), a meeting of people with Asperger syndrome and a subsequent round table. The meeting was attended by Ms. Karolína Peake, MA, the Czech Deputy Prime Minister, Magdalena Čáslavská, MSc., the directress of APLA, Pietro Cirrincione, member of the Board of Directors of the international association Autism-Europe, and other foreign guests. The discussion was followed by a seminar called “Kam do práce” (Where to Go to Work).



A person with autism will never become a broker. However, he will be glad to analyse the financial market for you.

 … we borrowed these words from the presentation of a person with Asperger syndrome (one of the autism spectrum disorders), which he presented at a meeting called “Autismus a práce – zaostřeno na zaměstnavatele” (Autism and Work—Employers in Focus). Not only Czech representatives, but also colleagues from non-profit organisations from Great Britain, Hungary and Slovakia participated at this meeting. It took place from 12th to 13th June 2014 and was held by Asociace pomáhající lidem s autismem – APLA Praha in the premises of Raiffeisenbank in the City Tower in Prague 4.





Employment and Work. Together we can manage. The March round table took aim at legislation


Autism and work. Together we can manage.

That is the name of this year’s all-European campaign on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, which is observed on the 2nd of April each year. Studies have shown that up to 90% of people diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder are unemployed, even though they often do not lack the education, appetite or motivation necessary for work.




APLA Praha invited representatives of the Czech Labour Office (Úřad práce), people with autism and non-profit organisations from the Czech Republic and abroad to a round table


The event took place on the occasion of European Days of Autism.

APLA Praha invited representatives of the Czech Labour Office (Úřad práce), people with autism and non-profit organisations from the Czech Republic and abroad to a round table.

The round table was organised on 25th October 2013 in the pleasant environment of the club HUB in Prague. The invitation was accepted by the representatives of the general headquarters of the Czech Labour Office / Úřad práce (the main job centre in the Czech Republic), colleagues from non-profit organisations, people with autism from Poland, Slovakia and Italy, employees of APLA Praha and people with autism from the Czech Republic.




AE Congress 2013 - New Dimension of Autism

AE International Congress in 2014 in Budapest - summary for downolad here



A successful day full of workshops in the club HUB in Prague



Although the day of 14th June 2013 began with rainy and harsh weather, almost 100 Czech and foreign members of the thematic network created as a part of the project TWCM came to the club HUB in Prague. These people are united by the subject of people with ASDs and supporting them. They included psychologists, pedagogues, representatives of public administration and social services, parents, and, last but not least, people who have lived with autism since their birth.




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