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Supported employment in practice - Bolivia

Manuel is a job coach in Bolivia. This is his case report of Maria, housemaid, 19, and




Autismus and Work: Together We Can (New Publication of Autism-Europe)

Autism-Europe aisbl. issued publication comprising couple of examples of good practise in the area of supported employment in 2014.

There are also 2 examples from the Czech Republic: social company PASPARTA employing people with ASD and project of APLA Prague - Together Wee Can Manage.  


Making the Transition from the World of School into the World of Work

During my travels to many autism conferences I have observed many sad cases of people with autism who have successfully completed high school or college but have been unable to make the transition into the world of work. Some have become perpetual students because they thrive on the intellectual stimulation of college. For many able people with autism college years were their happiest (Szatmari et al., 1989). - See more at:


European Commission summarised outcomes of four pilote projects in the area of employment of people with ASD


European Commission, DG Justice, publishe results of four pilot project on employment of people with autism in 2014.




Asperger’s syndrome — No barriers to Leigh’s public service career


Applying for a job in the Australian Public Service can seem a bit daunting. All of a sudden you are faced with things like ‘selection criteria’, ‘conditions of engagement’ and ‘panel interviews’. Many job seekers give up in frustration. It all seems too hard.


Autism — A wage based on productivity secures the job

Justine works part time at a very busy café, Michel’s Patisserie. She helps out with washing and cleaning as the café serves up to 1000 customers every day. Justine has autism and is deaf. She communicates using lip reading and basic sign language. Justine is not able to work at full productivity compared to other workers without disability. This has been no barrier to her success in the job. Michel’s has been able to employ Justine and give her the opportunity to work in the open labour market by paying her a productivity based wage.




Supported Employment in Latvia

Present situation in the area of supported employment of people with ASD and other disabilities in Latvia is available  here

Hyperlink directs you to the summary of TWCM Network Meeting in March 2014. Presentation of legislative framework of Latvia can be found at the very buttom of this article.



Work Study and Supported Employment: One School District’s Approach

You can find very interestin example how to prepare youn people with disabilities for a job career here.


Author. Melissa Dubie, Indiana Resource Center for Autism


Rob's long but Successful Road to Employment

Rob is a young man with authism. He is diagnosed with autism from his childhood.  He had to overcome a lot of difficulties in his life. Today, he is very happy with his new job.




Vocational Rehabilitation Services in the U.S.A.

In this article, you can learn more about possibilities for people with specific needs including those with autism in the USA.


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