Life with Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

About autism

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder of the brain functions (definition of DSM-IV and ICD-10) which prevents a person from organising and understanding information. It affects social interactions.



More about Asperger Syndrome

Basic facts what is Asperger s. about you can find here

Social interaction of people with ASD

Link to the working study of Mr. T. Attwood is available here.


Autism and ageing

Towards a better quality of life: The rights of ageing people with autism

The ageing population is a phenomenon that is challenging policy makers all around the world. In Europe, the percentage of the population aged 65 years or over is expected to increase from 18 percent in 2010 to 30 percent by 2060. With around 1 in 150 people currently being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, this means there is a large – and growing – number of ageing adults with autism whose needs have not yet been considered in most countries.




Handbook for University Students. Good Practise from the U.S.A.

This Handbook was prepared by the group of self-advocates from the US organisation ASAN.

Full text is available here.



Asperger Syndrome: Personal Experience

To tell the truth, it is a good question and it is hard to find an answer to it, both for specialists and us, who live with it. Personally, I see it mainly as a way of perceiving and experiencing things that differs from the perception of the most. I certainly do not dare to estimate which one is better or more objective — they are just different. The biggest trouble lies in making oneself understood. Every day we are trying to convey the incommunicable, which has led my husband to using the old saying “explaining colours to a blind person”. Precisely because of that, it is so hard for us to penetrate into the “non-Aspie” world, not to mention that were it not for practical necessity, many of us would not even be striving for that (I’m one of those, because unfortunately, my job cannot be done without some social interaction).



I Find Communication in a Group of People Very Difficult

I have difficulties with eye contact and non-verbal communication; in particular, I lack some kind of social instinct, an understanding of non-verbal signals and the ability to promptly react to them. In essence, I’m the only one in social intercourse who does not understand “what is going on”. Others follow some signals that I find almost imperceptible or something…



Communication and Asperger Syndrome: How to Manage

Communication is probably what gives people with Asperger syndrome (AS) the biggest problems. Since the quality of coexistence with others depends mainly on how (if at all) they are able to communicate, the issue of communication is the main issue when it comes to handling one’s life.



I Can Fianlly say that Ihave success in Employment

I have just passed my 47th birthday and can finally say I have success in employment. For me, working from my home computer and interacting with people primarily over the telephone has been the long sought for solution to my difficulty with getting, and then maintaining, employment. This is despite long years of educational preparation and academic success, which I had expected to be the ticket to a career. After all, isn't that the way the formula works? Not if you have Asperger's! 


My Situation was Ideal. But Suddenly it All Changed...

I was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. I was unable to talk and fixed in my routines. I had no desire to be part of this world. I did not utter my first word till I was five years of age and even then I only repeated lines from TV shows. I was encouraged to use symbols and sign language to make myself understood. By the age of eight I was talking in simple sentences and progressing well.


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